The customer must report any shortages, damages, or defective product claims to YesVR by email, within 14 days of invoice date.

YesVR may ask the customer to send headsets or other VR equipment back to them if there is a problem. Inspecting the VR equipment can help us work out exactly what the problem is and if it can be fixed.

The customer organises the return if it can be posted or easily returned. VR equipment must be in good condition. While it does not need to be returned in the original outer wrapping, the customer should place the headsets inside a cardboard box or corrugated carton. Fill voids to protect all items, but please do not use newspaper as packing materials. Securely package this, to ensure contents are well protected during delivery. Each carton to weigh equal to or less than 20 Kg per carton. 


A Customer Account #, Invoice #, and date of purchase by line item should be included within the returned shipment. A YesVR invoice or packing list is preferred to ensure proper account identification. 


YesVR will pay for the cost of the returning items unless if an inspected item does not prove to be faulty. Then all associated shipment and handling costs are the responsibility of the customer, and non-refundable.

Headsets will not be accepted for return or exchange if:

  • the item was used or stored contrary to the instructions provided by YesVR 

  • the customer damaged the headsets after they bought them

  • security label/tagged by the customer, water-damaged or other types of damage will deem the VR equipment ineligible for return


Our digital products cannot be returned, as they are downloadable, licensed, or accessed on a subscription basis. In cases where YesVR digital products can be repaired or needs to be updated, we may implement a range of updates, preventative or corrective actions. For example, by releasing a software patch to fix any issues or accessing the VR equipment remotely.

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