LearnX Award

YesVR takes the classroom into the future

How far could sitting in a classroom really replicate the experience of refusing to serve alcohol to a rowdy and intoxicated patron?


This is a change that the hospitality industry demands, whereby new bar staff do not get realistic first-hand experience that portrays the complex situations before getting behind the bar.


Aussie startup YesVR has solved this problem by providing real life simulated training using virtual reality by placing new bartenders behind the virtual bar before they have to serve real customers. YesVR has a unique group of top industry professionals and technology innovators with a passion to create amazing training experiences for students.

YesVR Director, Paul King stated "it can be terrifying for a new bartender to deal with difficult customers and situations in a busy bar"


The training was filmed at the bar in the Blacktown Workers Club (BWC) and will be one of the first clubs to use this futuristic training to train their staff in difficult and sometimes delicate situations that can sometimes lead to dire consequences if not handled properly, all without any harm or risk to the staff.

Shelly Fletcher, HR Manager of the BWC stated " On my first try I was amazed at the realism of the virtual reality training…”

YesVR’s interactive, immersive solution won the silver award for best VR design at the prestigious LearnX Impact Awards. These national awards assess innovative solutions throughout Australia.

The team is now focused on creating a more extensive training for the the hospitality industry including customer service and compliance training and is looking at creating virtual training experiences in various vocational areas.

For more information on YesVR’s VR training head to YesVR.com.au

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