YesVR Launches at AHG2019

About YesVR

YesVR is a world-first Aussie innovation to help the hospitality industry upskill its people and proactively address key issues.

To help staff be job ready, the platform creates a safe, immersive and interactive way for hospitality staff to practice serving customers and complying with RSA requirements.

A team of hospitality experts, award -winning learning and development designers, virtual reality movie production crew and game developers were selected. A collaboration with Blacktown Workers Club resulted in the creation of a virtual bar where hospitality workers can practice ways to overcome common challenges. Our investment in working with the industry’s best was recognised with the Silver Award for Best VR eLearning Design, LearnX Impact Awards, Australasia 2018.

Many of the truly dedicated and passionate production team volunteered their expertise to ensure we could launch a cost effective solution.

YesVR’s LearnX Impact Award-winning platform is debuting at the AHG 2019

Words can’t describe our product - you just have to put on VR glasses to experience immersive, interactive learning for yourself. That’s why we’re so excited to be launching our VR platform at the Australasian Hospitality & Gaming Expo 2019. YesVR, Stand 255 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, 27-28 March.

We want industry leaders to personally experience immersive training and think about how they can creatively leverage its potential to improve customer service experience, improve employee engagement and retention, safety and security - and ultimately profits.

Behind the Scenes

Managers and bar staff informed us about the importance of on-the-job training. So bringing to life a realistic, virtual experience meant we had to film in a licenced venue. This complex production would not have been possible without the generosity of Blacktown Workers’ Club in NSW.


See how the virtual reality is filmed:

Check out our drink spiking module

Meet our trainee bartender. Learners will be standing in this person’s shoes as they navigate the challenges at the bar.

Meet our crew, on set and check out some of the equipment.

Experiencing is better than seeing

Reserve your VIP pass to jump the AHG Expo queue and experience the future of training.

There are FREE tickets to the Expo, (register here) and come see us, YesVR Stand 255 in the Tastes Precinct.

What problem does YesVR solve?

YesVR is a world first, purpose-built, virtual reality solution that helps people in hospitality be job-ready.

The user becomes better-equipped to promote safe, welcoming and enjoyable spaces for patrons to spend time and money.

YesVR helps venues and hospitality businesses meet their compliance obligations, in a way that boost revenue and reduce costs.

For more details about the product and it’s benefit to the industry, have a look at this brochure.

YesVR's solutions

Unlike paper exams, videos or online training, staff can stand at a virtual bar, and practice what they would do when confronted with challenging situations.

Unlike on-the-job training, YesVR offers a safe environment where the user selects their own learning path and reviews implications of each choice.

Help us shape the future of training

YesVR is looking for corporate funding to subsidise and continue producing relevant, high demand content.

We are looking to gain sponsorship from insurance providers, member associations or other reputable organisations interested in promoting best practice to hospitality members or clients. Our solution aims to create a win-win for our sponsor and the venues.

YesVR’s strategic solution is themed around giving patrons a reason to stay… and spend money

YesVR’s first series is themed around ‘keeping the doors open’ to address the hospitality industry’s key ‘pain points’.

Our survey responses indicated that YesVR provided a safe, stress-free environment to upskill employees, and that our platform proactively solved some of the industry’s most significant issues - many of these issues are being discussed at this AHG 2019 Expo.

Our initial research also found experiencing YesVR scenarios, reduced the amount of on-the-job training needed for most people, and developed staff confidence to manage difficult customers on day 1. This also ‘frees’ the venue’s most experienced staff to focus on customers, rather than be diverted to onboarding new staff.

Our on-demand training provides venues with the flexibility to tailor training for their particular location and needs of their people. Being able to replay scenarios, the user can to focus on and practice the aspects they found most difficult or challenging.

Media contacts

Dianne Flakus, Co-founder: 0401 03 47 76

Laura Dang, Marketing: 0434 86 86 83

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